Serving those who change the world

We leverage Artificial Intelligence for cutting-edge domains

Deployed in an efficient way, Artificial Intelligence provides a better comfort of life and can solve complex problems. Put at the service of Man in fields as wide as agriculture, medicine, ecology, education and research, it represents a giant step forward in our civilization and offers infinite possibilities with dizzying hopes.

Serving the climate emergency

We are the last generation capable of acting against climate change. Our goal is to find solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment weakened by human activities. Clearing the seas and oceans of litter to protect marine life, restoring and reforesting forest parks in Europe to enhance the sustainability of ecosystem services, facilitating the use of environmentally friendly transportation and raising awareness of the need to protect endangered species are all projects of paramount importance today.

Serving medicine

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Organize the management of patients in the emergency room

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence to improve the way medical care is delivered by reducing treatment delays and providing early warning to multidisciplinary care teams in the workflow. By improving visibility into emergency room admissions and discharges, we enable physicians to spend more time with their patients and rest efficiently, reducing burnout.

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Passionate and creative, we love what we do and our values shape our achievements. Our technologies enable effective cooperation between human and machine ingenuity with task automation, business process outsourcing and intelligent data processing. By saving time, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence unleashes the potential of professionals and extends their capabilities.

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Working in a people-oriented company

The success of a company depends above all on its employees, the men and women who work every day for the common good.

At Aetnernam, your degree isn't everything. We're looking for talented, committed people who are ready to innovate. We cover a wide range of fields, from engineering, to medical, to neurology, to communications and human services.

We share strong values, at the heart of our principles.

  • Carbon neutral, no waste
  • Equal pay and opportunities for women and men
  • Use of green electricity in our offices
  • Responsible travel without fossil fuels
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